The sustainable developments in education are necessary to the creation of a society that is able to compete with leading characteristics and good character. Because of that, education CSR programs have top priority in areas where MBSS is present. MBSS’ CSR acivities are focused on improving and developing school facilities, and on providing books and educational teaching tools.

Inward As Well As Outward

eduIn 2014, MBSS donated machines as teaching aids, garage repair equipment, computers and books to SMK Muhammadiyah in Sekerat Bengalon village. MBSS also helped to create a library for Babussalam Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) in Janju Grogot village and Ummi Orphanage in Balikpapan. It is expected that by providing better facilities, these programs will help improve the quality of education and the learning process .

For the third year, scholarships were given to the children of employees. The Company has consistently executed this program to encourage the scholarship recipients and improve their performance. This year, the scholarship recipients were comprised of 11 elementary school students, 10 junior high school students and 7 high school students comprised of 8 offshore employee children and 20 onshore employee children. The number of offshore employees’ children who received scholarships decreased slightly compared to the previous year .

This scholarship program for the sons and daughters of employers is a continuous program, as a form of MBSS’ appreciation for Company employees’ commitment and support of MBSS’ activities.