Securing The Future With Resilience

Through a variety of strategies, MBSS aims to increase the Company’s resilience and maintain client market share in the face of the current challenging situation, to secure long-term competitive future of the Company and Shareholders value.

Our Strategy

Amidst intense industry-wide pressure caused by declining coal prices, MBSS responded by working hand-in-hand with clients to find mutual solutions towards achieving contract renewals, increasing its capabilities in servicing spot charter long towing voyages, improving fleet management and productivity for optimal asset utilization, improving its technical abilities in order to stay competitive during its highest docking cycle, prudently managing its finances to minimize foreign exchange exposure, and strengthening the human capital competencies to be able to compete in the market.

Sea Transportation Services

MBSS is focused on providing premier integrated material handling, sea transportation and transshipment services domestically and regionally, maintaining its strong market position as the preferred choice of clients including leading Indonesian coal producers in Indonesia and abroad. In line with the market shift in demand from transshipment to domestic inter-island deliveries, MBSS strengthened its operational capabilities in long towing in order to provide prime sea transportation services over these longer inter island distances, through:

1. Working hand-in-hand with customers to find mutual solutions for both parties as strategic business partners.

2. Good coordination between operations and marketing to ensure optimal fleet utilization.

3. Continued adherence to rigorous safety and risk. Management procedures including scheduled maintenance.

4. Programs to improve human capital competencies.

5. Strengthening technical capabilities so as to be able to handle repairs faster in-house and onsite where possible.

6. Proactively managing docking times to ensure fast turnaround and optimum fleet availability.

7. Monitoring and coordination supported by the satellite-based Vessel Tracking System.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Education, health, and community development were the focus of MBSS’ CSR program, with the goal of empowering local residents in operational sites. In addition, MBSS also took steps to conserve the environment. This CSR program delivered long term benefits for the local community in order to support MBSS operations in its operation areas.

Financial Strategy

In response to the heightened pressure on the coal industry and related industry in 2015, the management sought to mitigate financial risk and keep MBSS’ balance sheet in a strong position through the following strategies, so as to be advantageously positioned during this industry downturn:

1. Good working capital management that maintains MBSS’ liquidity and contributes positively.

2. Maintaining a prudent level of financial exposure.

3. Deferring unnecessary capital expenditures.

4. Establishing pricing and margin policies that guarantee returns on capital expenditures, including for the spot market.

5. Maintaining long term clients with trustworthy reputation in terms of both operational continuity and financial standpoint.

6. Insurance coverage of all ships with reputable insurers.

Business Development

Keeping pace with market changes and industry trends, MBSS continued to carry out business development with an emphasis on:

1. Maintaining a varied client portfolio comprising long-term contracts with coal producers and end users. Long term contracts with minimum tonnage clauses provides the certainty of more stable and continuous income.

2. Increasing revenue through increased utilization of the fleet for spot charters to fill any idle capacity and earn valuable extra margin.

3. Increasing revenues through more aggressive brokering of third party managed vessels.

4. Diversifying cargo by industry away from coal producers and end users to cement clinker and other areas.

5. Diversifying cargo by geography, as MBSS also continued to develop its operations regionally to include transportation to Asian countries.

6. Optimal fleet management, covering programs to improve human capital capabilities, and rigorous operational scheduling-monitoring to ensure efficiency including fuel efficiency, especially on long distance inter-island long towing trips.

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