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PT Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Tbk (MBSS) is a leading Indonesian sea transportation and transshipment Company, particularly coal. More than 29 years of experience in the business, MBSS has earned a reputation for safety, high quality and reliable service. Its customers are mainly first and second-tier coal producers.

The Company was founded in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1994 as a shipping company. Over time, it expanded its facilities, fleet and overall services to become a premier provider capable of consistently meeting client requirements. In 2011, MBSS successfully listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (now the Indonesia Stock Exchange).

Applying international operating standards and industry best practices to ensure efficient and reliable service for customers, MBSS is committed to sustainable growth and excellence through strategic decision making and operations.


To build Indonesia’s safest, most reliable and efficient sea transportation and transshipment company, enabling growth in infrastructure and energy development.


To transport Indonesia’s energy safely, timely and cost-efficiently. We do this with excellent customer service and integrity, making us the shipping partner of choice.



Honest with oneself, others and one’s work at avery moment by upholding prevailing ethical standards and legal norms.

Unity in diversity

Viewing diversity as an asset to the company and accepting, valuing, completing and strengthening one another as a solidly unified entity.


Actively contributing and collaborating based on trust and shared interests rather than personal interests.


Achievement as the measure of success and the motivation to do what is best for the company.

Social Responsibility

Highly concerned for the environment and community, and contributing added value as well as contributing to the prosperity of the society.



Established on March 24, 1994

Barging contracts with PT Varia Usaha (Semen Gresik subsidiary) and PT Arutmin Indonesia for domestic coal Transportation


Obtained long-term contract for coal transportation from PT Bahari Cakrawala Sebuku (Straits Resources)

First coal transportation company to implement dispatch and demurage clause in contracts


Material handling


First Floating Crane Operation


April 6, 2011, Initial Public Offering on Indonesian Stock Exchange

April 2011, PT Indika Energy Infrastructure acquired 51% of shares in MBSS


January 2012, MBSS acquired PT Mitra Alam Segara Sejati

Strengthened synergy with Indika Energy Group by deploying eight barging sets and one floating crane with a loading rate of 50,000 tons per day (FC Vittoria) under Kideco project


A refinancing agreement for USD59.1 million was signed with Standard Chartered and ANZ Bank on May 23, 2013, with longer repayment term and lower interest

In December, MBSS implemented the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) performance management system. The BSC framework assists the Company to visualize and translate it into operational aims that are driven by behavior as well as performance


MBSS began to implement an integrated management system for Quality,Safety, Health and Environment called Mitra QSHE (Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Quality Safety Health & Environment), which will be implemented across all operational areas of MBSS

Mitra QSHE is an integrated management system which adheres to the standards of: ISM Code (Management System for Sailing Safety), OHSAS 18011 (Management System for Health and Work Safety), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)


October 2021, MBSS officialy acquired by PT Galley Adhika Arnawama

Our Organization

PT Mitra Swire CTM (MSC)

Established in 2008. MSC is primarily active in the shipping sector by operating a floating cranes (FC Princesse Abby)

PT Mitra Alam Segara Sejati (MASS)

Established in 2005 and acquired by MBSS in 2012. MASS is operating one floating crane (FC Blitz).

Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Pte. Ltd.

Established in 2010 and is domiciled in Singapore.

PT Mitra Hartono Sejati (MHS)

Established in 2005. MHS’s business is in the shipping sector.

PT Transship Teknik Solusi

Established in 2017

Our Management

Board of Commissioners

Wisma Bharuna President Commissioner
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Andre Commissioner
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Kristine Sheilla Avinta Putri Independent Commissioner
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Board of Directors

Armand Setiawan Tanudjaja President Director
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Maria Anggar Kusumawati Director
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Susan Faustine Director
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Corporate Governance

MBSS believes that implementation of Good Corporate Governance is an essential aspect of becoming a world-class company, in line with the Company’s vision and mission. Therefore, MBSS has taken steps to implement the Good Corporate Governance principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, fairness, and equality in all aspects of its operation, and at all levels of management.

Audit, Risk, and Compliance Committee

The Audit, Risk, and Compliance Committee was established to assist the Board of Commissioners to comprehensively review the Good Corporate Governance (GCG) policies, in particular those concerning business ethics, confidentiality and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), established by the Board of Directors and to assess the consistency of their implementation. The Audit, Risk, and Compliance Committee is expected to ensure that the Company’s commissioners, directors, employees and shareholders comply with prevailing regulations and healthy business practices based on transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, equality and fairness.

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Nomination and Remuneration Committee

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee was formed by the Board of Commissioners to assist with the review and improvement of Corporate Organizational Structure and other human capital concerns, such as administrative policies, and procedures pertaining to employee remuneration and benefit schemes, as well as the professional development and training of employees. The Nomination and Remuneration Committee also evaluates or assesses the overall competence of the human resources working at MBSS.

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Corporate Secretary

The main task of the Corporate Secretary is to disseminate comprehensive information about the Company to the public in a transparent, clear and timely manner to ensure and maintain the trust of shareholders, stakeholders, as well as maintain the integrity and accountability of the Company in the capital market, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. apply. In addition, the Corporate Secretary also acts as the Company's representative in exchanging information with external parties, namely the government, capital market representatives, media, and relevant stakeholders. The Corporate Secretary works closely with the Company's Legal Division to ensure compliance with all regulations of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and OJK, not only to fulfill obligations to third parties, but also to disclose material transactions.

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Internal Audit

The internal audit division is independently and objectively responsible for reviewing all risks related to corporate management and information systems; reliability and integrity of financial and operational information; operational effectiveness and efficiency; asset security; compliance with the law; regulations and contracts; and report the findings transparently and objectively.

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GCG Updates & Documents

GCG Updates & Documents

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Article of Association

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Report a suspected misconduct?

As part of our Good Corporate Governance, MBSS implements whistleblowing system as a reporting mechanism to the management should anyone observe situations involving suspected fraud, misappropriation, cheating, conflict of interest, violation of the law or regulation or MBSS’ code of business conduct, or any forms of misconduct.

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Zero Accident Award from PT Berau Coal

In April 2014, MBSS received a 2013 Zero LTI award from PT Berau Coal. This award was given by PT Berau Coal to MBSS for the implementation of safety standards and no loss of time due to injury (LTI) during the year. PT Berau Coal is an MBSS partner that has high work safety standards.

Best Contractor Award from Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC)

MBSS received an award as the Best Contractor from KPC, based on the results of MBSS’ performance evaluation in providing sea logistic services to KPC.

Zero Accident Award from the East Kutai Regent

The Regent of East Kutai also conferred an award upon MBSS for achieving zero accidents by promoting safety.

Best 50 Forbes 2013

MBSS achieved the Top 50 Companies for 2013 at the Best of the Best 2013 awards held by Forbes Indonesia, for the Company’s performance.

INSA Award

MBSS received the Tug and Barge Ship Owner or Operator of the Year award from the Indonesian National Ship Owners’ Association (INSA). This award recognizes MBSS’ outstanding implementation of international safety standards, as well as the overall management of the vessels and fleet. INSA is an association of major Indonesian Ship Owners and their major business partners.

Best Tug and Barge Performance 2012

PT Adaro Indonesia named MBSS as the Best Tug And Barge Performance Contractor based on Adaro’s evaluation which covered the factors of (i) Safety, as the main evaluation factor (ii) Steaming (iii) Availability